• Tes-1500 Capacitance Meter

Capacitance Meter

Product Features
  • 0.5% Accuracy.
  • Overload Fuse protection.
  • Test Clips/Direct insert jack for easy measurement.




Max. In-range Display

Test Frequency

Overload Protection

200pF 0.1pF +/- (0.5%+1+0.5pF) 199.9pF 800Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
2nF 1pF +/- (0.5%+1) 1.999nF 800Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
20nF 10pF +/- (0.5%+1) 19.99nF 800Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
200nF 100pF +/- (0.5%+1) 199.9nF 800Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
2 m F 1nF +/- (0.5%+1) 1.999 m F 800Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
20 m F 10nF +/- (0.5%+1) 19.99 m F 80Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
200 m F 100nF +/- (0.5%+1) 199.9 m F 8Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
2000 m F 1 m F +/- (1%+1) 1999 m F 8Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
(20000 m F)
10 m F +/- (2%+1) 19.99mF 8Hz 0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
Operating Principle Dual Slop Integration
Display Rate Approx. 2 times per second
Zero Adjustment + - 20pF Approx.
Operating/Storage Condition 0 o C to 40 o C < 80% R.H.
-10 o C to 60 o C < 70% R.H.
Power Source 006P DC 9V 1pc
Size & Weigh 135mm(L) x 72mm(W) x 33mm(H) & 207g
Accessories Test Clips, Spare Fuse, Battery & Instruction Manual
pF = 10-12F, nF = 10-9F, μF= 10-6F
Measurement Voltage = 4.5V max.
Input protection:
The capacitance meter is protected by a 0.25A/250V fast blow type fuse to avoid damage





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Tes-1500 Capacitance Meter

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