• 8Channel Thermometer/Datalogger, Prova 800
8-Channel Thermometer/Datalogger
MODEL: Prova 800

  • 8-input temperature measurement
  • Graphic display of overall trend for each input
  • Timers for durations out of Hi and Lo limits
  • Works with types K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B, & C thermocouples
  • Easy socket for thermocouple mini-connector
  • Basic accuracy 0.05% ±1 °C (K type)
  • Programmable Hi-Lo alarm for each input
  • Display of max and min values for each input
  • Sampling rate 8 inputs / second
  • 24 hour recording with alkaline batteries
  • Standard 2GB SD memory card (stores almost 4 years of data)
  • Optional 8GB SDHC memory card
  • SD card read directly by PC
  • Easy data file management (Read and Delete functions)
  • Built-in calendar clock
  • Independent Input Setup (thermocouple type, name of Engineering Unit, Hi-Lo alarm values)
  • Isolated Input Protection of 350V p-p between any two inputs
  • Programmable Engineering Unit (E.U.) to integrate analog output (-60mV to 60mV) from instruments such as Clamp Meters, Humidity Meters, and Sound Level Meters
  • Price: $1450.00 US dollars

Electrical Specifications
Accuracy at 23°C ± 5°C.
 Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)

Thermocouple Range Accuracy
Type K -200°C to -100°C ±2°C
-100°C to 1370°C ±0.05% rdg ±1.0°C
-328°F to -148°F ±3.6°F
-148°F to 2498°F ±0.05% rdg ±1.8°F
Type J -200°C to -100°C ±2.5°C
-100°C to 100°C ±1.5°C
100°C to 1000°C ±0.05% rdg ±1.0°C
-328°F to -148°F ±4.5°F
-148° F to 212°F ±2.7°F
212°F to 1832°F ±0.05% rdg ±1.8°F
Type E -150°C to -100°C ± 2.0°C
-100°C to 760°C ±0.05% rdg ±1.0°C
-238°F to -148°F ±3.6°F
-148°F to 1400°F ±0.05% rdg ±1.8°F
Type T -200°C to -100°C ±1.5°C
-100°C to 400°C ±0.1% rdg ±0.5°C
-328°F to -148°F ±2.7°F
-148°F to 752°F ±0.1% rdg ±0.9°F
Types R and S 0°C to 100°C ±5°C
100°C to 300°C ±3°C
300°C to 1600°C ±0.05% rdg ±2°C
32°F to 212°F ±9°F
212°F to 572°F ±5.4°F
572°F to 2912°F ±0.05% rdg ±3.6°F
Type N 0°C to 1300°C ±0.1% rdg ±1.0°C
32°F to 2372°F ±0.1% rdg ±1.8°F
Type L -200°C to 900°C ±0.1% rdg ±1.0°C
-328°F to 1652°F ±0.1% rdg ±1.8°F
Type U 0°C to 600°C ±0.1% rdg ±1.0°C
32°F to 1112°F ±0.1% rdg ±1.8°F
Type B 600°C to 1820°C ±0.05% rdg ±2.0°C
1112°F to 3308°F ±0.05% rdg ±3.6°F
Type C 0°C to 2310°C ±0.1% rdg ±1.5°C
32°F to 4190°F ±0.1% rdg ±2.7°F

Accuracy of Analog (mV) measurements
The Prova 800 can measure analog outputs (-50mV to 50mV) from instruments such as Sound Level Meters and Clamp Meters with an accuracy of ±0.05% rdg ±20 μV.

General Specifications

Battery type Eight 1.2V AA alkaline batteries
Adaptor Input: 110V or 220V, Output: 12V/300mA DC
Dimensions 257(L) x 155(W) x 57(H)mm 10.1" (L) x 6.1" (W) x 2.2" (H)
Dimensions 193(L) x 74(W) x 37(H)mm (7.6" x 2.9" x 1.5")
Weight 1160g / 40.9 oz (Batteries included)
Accessories User's Manual, Software Manual, Software CD, AC Adaptor, Batteries, Carrying Case, USB Cable, 2GB SD Card, Type K Thermocouples (6 cables - 1 metre long, 1 cable - 3 metres long, 1 cable - 5 metres long)
Optional accessories 8GB SDHC Card



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8Channel Thermometer/Datalogger, Prova 800

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