• EC1 UV-A, UV Meter Hagner

EC1 UV-A, UV Meter Hagner

The Hagner Digital Radiometer EC1-X UV-A

The Hagner EC1-X UV-A Digital Radiometer has the same features as the EC1 UV-A above but instead of being built-in, the detector is connected to the instrument by a 2 meter flexible lead.

The Hagner Digital Radiometer, model EC1 UV-A, is a small, handy and extremely easy-to-use instrument for accurate measurement of radiation over a range of 0.001-2,000 W/m? With both automatic zeroing and on/off switch, the only controls needed are a four-position range selection switch and a hold button for retaining the display value.

Instrument data for EC1 UV-A and EC1-X UV-A


Silicon photodiode

Measuring range

0.001-2,000 W/m?(0.1-200,000 µW/cm?

Spectral sensitivity

315-380 nm


Better than ?4% (?1 in last digit)

Temperature drift

<21°C +0.25% / °C
>21°C -0.15% / °C

Power supply

9 volt battery type PP3 Alkaline


135 x 75 x 35 mm


0.19 Kg (EC1-X 0.48 Kg with carrying case)


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EC1 UV-A, UV Meter Hagner

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