• 98653,USB Hand Held Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer

98653,USB Hand Held Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer

Specification Temp. range: -10.0°C~50.0°C(14.0°F~122.0°F)
Temp. resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F,Temp. accuracy: ±0.6°C
Air volume is calculated from Air velocity and entered air source area. Average from stored 20 points
Air velocity range: 0.4~35ms, 80~6900ftm
Air velocity accuracy: ±2% of FS
Air velocity wind unit: m/s, ftm, cms, cfm, knt, KM/h , MPH
RH% range: 5.0~95.0%RH
RH% accuracy: ±3%RH(at 25°C, 30~95%RH) ±5%RH(at 25°C, 5~30%RH)
Power: AAAx3pcs battery included
Operating temp. RH%: 0°C~50°C(32°F~122°F), <80%RH
Dimension: 160×60.5×29mm(meter only), 180x76x43mm (vane and handle)


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98653,USB Hand Held Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer

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